Jun 10, 2012

I thought you might like to see where I work and what I use to do it, so this is where I work and store my supplies...though I have a new silver wall lamp and 2 hot pink valances on order to replace the ugly brown stripe valances and the big, tall lamp behind my chair. I'm also going to put up a shelf to hold my remotes and a drink. Next to the black table I have a cabinet with my extra tools in it, and a red 3 drawer cart which holds my yarn.

These are all my looms that I use to knit things like hats and blankets. The one for my hand warmers is not there (that picture is next)! The tiny purple one is for the thumb when I make mittens.

This is the one that I use for my hand warmers with one warmer halfway done still on it.

These are the tools I use to make the warmers, from top down: a tape measure, 2 loom hooks (I only use one, but I have two), and a row counter for when I make the thumb hole. I also have a small pair of scissors used for when I cut the yarn at the very end.

Here's the bag I use to carry my projects in. Each set of colors I need to make a pair of hand warmers is in its own Ziploc and the tools are in a small bag in one of the pockets.

The glass and pottery hand displays I use to take pictures of the warmers I make. The third one I did myself at a paint your own pottery store we have downtown!

My father-in-law does woodworking and he made this box for me with 2 holes in the back so that I could put my yarn through the holes, close the lid, and knit without my cat getting into it (lol)!

This is how I package my hand warmers before I send them out to people. Pink and black seem to be my most popular colors :). I'm working on designing some round hang tag business cards, but for now I just put a temporary business card on instead.


  1. This was a pretty cool post! Like to see what you're up to... looks like a really great set up for your business!